1. This class is designed for shooters who have taken the intermediate handgun course, or are seeking advanced training, and are looking to combine their existing marksmanship skills with advanced tactical skills. This hands on comprehensive course is 95% range time, giving you the ability to practice your draw, reloads (speed and tactical), multiple target engagement, and firearm malfunctions all the while being in a live fire class. Low light familiarization may be incorporated.

    Intermediate Handgun Course (IHC) or written recommendation by an instructor.

    150 rounds of ammunition
    3 (three) magazines or speed loaders
    1 (one) firearm - Semi-automatic or revolver (.38 caliber or better)
    1 (one) tactical light

    Holsters and magazine holders
    • Magazine holders single or double paddle or belt mounted
    • Strong side hip holster paddle or belt mounted (no inside the pant or small of back)
    • Level One retention or higher and 'pinch' type systems. Manufacturer examples are: Fobus, Blade Tech, Comp-Tach, Galco, Bianchi, Blackhawk, Safariland
    • One-handed defense tactical firing
    • Low light tactical shooting
    • Combat pistol shooting

    • Must match the holster internal dimensions
    • Belts required when any paddle typr rig is used

    • Speed loading
    • Shooting glasses (clear or amber)
    • Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
    • Hats optional
    • Speed loaders are required for persons training with revolvers

    Cost: $150.00 for 2hrs. Each additional hour is $75.00/hr.

    Contact our Office Administration for more information: or Call 763.533.9594
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