Gunsmith Services

We have on site gunsmiths who are some of the best in the industry. Whether you need to fix an old firearm, repair a broken firearm, want to add scopes and accessories to your favorite firearm, or have firearm that needs a thorough cleaning, we can help! Our gunsmith’s are Glock and M&P certified gunsmiths and armorers. Call ahead or stop by to ask for availability!

Shop Rates:

  • Hourly rate: $80, minimum shop charge of $40
  • Estimates: $40 (applies towards final bill)
  • Here and now: +$20 (add to the total price, limited to certain types of work)
  • Final bills are calculated with shop time plus the cost of parts

Handgun work

  • Revolver Action (+parts): $80
  • 1911 Action (+parts): $80
  • Glock Action (+parts): $40
  • XD Action (+parts): $80
  • M&P Action (+parts): $80

Rifle Work

  • AR Free Float Handgaurd (+parts): $80
  • Drop-in Trigger: $40
  • Muzzle Threading: $175
  • Pin and Weld Muzzle Device: $125
  • Install Accessories: Hourly

Optics Mounting

  • Pistol Sights purchased at Bill’s Gun Shop & Range: NO CHARGE
  • Mount and Boresight: $40
    • Free with 72-hour turnaround with optics above $149 purchased at Bill’s (mounts and rings extra)
  • Laser Bore Sight Scope: $20

Sight In Packages*

  • Professionally mount your optic (if needed)
  • Complete sight in process at YOUR preferred distance by actually shooting your firearm
  • 72 HOUR GUARANTEED turn around at all our locations
  • Cost: $50

Detail Cleaning 

  • Thorough Cleaning (Full Disassembly)
  • Inspect to ensure good working condition
  • Oil as need
  • Cosmoline Removal Extra
    • Excessive rust may result in an additional charge
  • Starting at: $80

*Ammo not included, $10 additional fee for magnum calibers

  • All firearms must be inspected prior to starting work.
  • Firearms services performed on a first come, first served basis.
  • Bring your firearm to the store unloaded and cased.
  • Once work is complete, the firearm can only be released to the person who dropped it off.
  • Please inform the gunsmith of any prior work done to the firearm.
  • Bring at least one magazine (if applicable) for the firearm.
  • For sight-in work, please bring 1 box of the same ammunition that you plan on using.
  • Warranty repairs are NOT done in-house. We will assist with manufacturer warranties on firearms purchased from Bill’s Gun Shop.
  • The gunsmith cannot instruct, or teach (for insurance and legal purposes).
  • We do not service black powder guns, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, or optics.
  • Any work on NFA items only available while you wait.