Brainerd Leagues

USPSA Outlaw League – Starting 12/5 Setup @5pm Start Time @6:00pm

*not a sanctioned USPSA league.
The Bills USPSA Outlaw League is a great way to improve your shooting skills and keep them up over the cold months.  Structured as a USPSA league all USPSA rules apply as well a firearm categories.
The shooter will be engaging targets from 15ft to 60ft some while moving, some stationary and may include simulated steal as well as reactive targets.
Each match consists of between 3 to 5 stages with a round count from 100 to 150per match.
– Only outside the waist band holsters are allowed.  A speed holster is recommended but not required.
– A minimum of 4 holsters is recommended, but don’t worry.  Most days there are other shooters with the same gun who will lend you a mag.
– Any center fire pistol caliber is allowed but 9mm is the most common caliber.
If you are a PCC shooter, (Pistol Caliber Carbine) this can also be used, and if you wish to use both PCC and pistol, that is allowed but the shooter will be required to pay a second league fee.
Give us a call and let us help you get further into your shooting experience.


Casual/Social/Fun atmosphere.  All skill levels welcome! CLICK HERE for more info and Scores

For 20 years USPSA competition has provided different equipment and techniques, many of which are now the standard for police and military training. USPSA matches are conducted every week starting at Circle Pines, MN on December 15th at 5pm. For some people, shooting firearms at the range is pure sport conducted with little or no thought of the self-defense aspect of firearms use. However, USPSA members are generally the most proficient shooters in the world as witnessed by their domination in the world of firearms competition.

Monday Night Bullseye League

Bill’s Hudson, WI location will once again be hosting a bullseye league for the 2021/2022 season.  This league is a great fit for those shooters looking to take their shooting precision to the next level and is a great fir for shooters of all levels, from basic to expert.  In order to compete, each shooter must have basic, safe use understanding of a pistol.  Any pistol can be used provided it is not a PCC, or AR style pistol.  This league is a non-sanctioned league but we do have divisions to include Hybrid, rimfire, and center fire.  Any hand gun, including those with non-magnified optics can be used.


League shooting takes place at the Hudson, WI Bills location starting the first Monday night after Thanksgiving and continues until mid-March.  The range is open to league shooters from 7 to 9pm each Monday night.  Shooters may also complete course of fire at their own rate for those who are unavailable.


There is no league fee to join, but shooters are responsible for their own firearm, ammunition, and any range fees which is approximately $20 per evening.  The league will provide all targets.  We encourage all league shooters to sign up for Bills memberships to avoid weekly charges.


Course of fire each week is 50 rounds and fired at distances between 15 to 75 feet.  Specifics to be shared after you register.  For information on league, and/or to register please email our league coordinator Blake Schomas,  Please put “bullseye league” in the subject line