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Gunsmith Services

Bill’s Gun Shop & Range has a gunsmith on site at the Robbinsdale Store 9am-7pm 6 days a week. We now have a gunsmith on-site in Hudson and Fargo! No gunsmith is on-site at the Circle Pines store but we will be happy to accept drop-offs at this location. Our gunsmith's are Glock and M&P certified Amorers.

Shop Rates:

Hourly rate: $50.00, minimum $25.00
Estimates: $20.00 (applies towards final bill)

Cleaning Services:

Detail Firearm Cleaning, Inspect and lubricate (handgun or long gun): $69.95.  Bill’s gunsmithing services are available for countless other tasks, projects, and fixes.

Gunsmith Policies

  •  All firearms must be inspected prior to starting work.
  •  Firearms services performed on a first-come-first-served basis.
  •  Bring your firearm to the store unloaded and cased.
  •  Once work is complete, the firearm can only be released to the person who dropped it off.
  •  Please inform the gunsmith of any prior work done to the firearm.
  •  Bring at least one magazine (if applicable) for the firearm.
  •  For sight-in work, please bring 1 box of the same ammunition that you plan on using.
  •  Warranty repairs are NOT done in house. We will assist with manufacturer warranties on firearms purchased from Bill's Gun Shop.
  •  The gunsmith cannot instruct or teach (for insurance and legal purposes).
  •  We do not service black powder guns, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, optics, or any fully automatic / SBRs.

Glock Certified ArmorerM&P Certified Armorer