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May GOTM: Heizer Pocket AR

May GOTM Heizer 223 Pocket AR

May GOTM: Heizer Pocket AR $379.00

Includes Cleaning Mat, Holster, Nylon Case, & lock.

Sale price valid May 1-31, 2015.

Review of the Heizer PAR 1 Pocket AR by the Average Joe :

Ah, the Heizer Pocket AR.  There are so many questions about this little pistol but before we fall prey to trying to answer too many of them let's define the use for this pistol which will eliminate most of the queries.  This pistol is for close quarter combat in a back-up role to a larger and higher capacity primary weapon.  Close-quarter back-up is the standard we will use in our analysis of the Pocket AR.  I feel that the moniker "Pocket AR" is somewhat of a misnomer since a standard AR carbine or rifle come with a magazine capacity of 20 to 30 rounds. The Pocket AR comes with a capacity of 1.  That's round.  However, what it lacks in firepower is made up for in the power of fire (more on that later).