[tt_gm_info_block_shortcode sort_1=”o-title” sort_2=”o-blockquote” sort_3=”o-description” title=”Improve your skill in a safe and friendly atmosphere.” title_size=”14″ title_space=”13″ desc_size=”14″ desc_space=”12″ blq=”Open 7 days a week, rain or shine!” blq_space=”20″ el_class=”info”]Pay once to rent a lane all day! If you leave or go home, all you have to do is bring in your I.D. and receipt to use the lane at a later time! Only valid until close the day you rented the lane.

Firearm Rental:

  • $15 for the first firearm
  • $10 for each additional firearm rented for unlimited time
  • Customer must use our ammunition with rental firearms
  •  In order to rent our firearms, be in a group of 2 or more, have a permit or have one or more of your own firearms with you.

Get a FREE lane on your birthday! Must present valid state I.D.

Active duty military, former military, and LEO show I.D. to get 10% off select range items. Active duty military, former military, and LEO show I.D. to get 5% off firearms.

Classrooms available for rent.[/tt_gm_info_block_shortcode][tt_gm_info_block_shortcode sort_1=”o-title” sort_2=”o-blockquote” sort_3=”o-description” title=”Public Rates – First come, first serve” title_size=”14″ title_space=”13″ desc_size=”14″ desc_space=”12″ blq=”Members receive discounted range rates.” blq_space=”20″ el_class=”info”]Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Range

  • $20 One Shooter
  • $30 Two Shooters, Shared lane
  • $45 Three Shooters, Shared lane

Sub/Machine Gun Range – $60 + regular range fees
Own firearm with valid paperwork

League shooter – $13.50

  • This price does not include targets; only applicable during the league shoot.
  • Targets are available for league shooters at 25% off

Token Passes and Targets:

  • 10 Range Tokens – $150  /  20 Range Tokens – $250
  • Targets – $1-2


Range Waivers and Permission Slips

[tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Robbinsdale Waiver” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5cf6ab92b93b1/web/”][tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Circle Pines Waiver” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5cf6edbfa9e39/web/”][tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Baxter Waiver” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5cf6f0e207b9e/web/”][tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Fargo Waiver” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5cf6f01d5139d/web/”][tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Hudson Waiver” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5cf6ef3513383/web/”][tt_gm_headline_shortcode headline_type=”style_2″ title=”Youth Permission Slip ” titlecolor=”#1d5ca2″ link=”https://www.billsgs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/YouthFirearmPermission.pdf”]

Robbinsdale, MN

22 lanes separated into 2 bays. 25 yard lanes. Eye and ear protection and targets are available.

Fargo, ND

26 lanes separated into 2 bays. 35 yard lanes. Located through Staymart lot parking line, along the freeway fencing.

Hudson, WI

27 lanes separated into 3 bays. 24 lanes @ 25 yard lanes & 3 lanes @ 7 yard lanes. Eye and ear protection and targets are available.

Circle Pines, MN

24 lanes separated into 2 bays. 50 yard lanes. Eye and ear protection and targets are available.

Baxter, MN

17 lanes separated into 2 bays. 10 lanes @ 50 yard lanes & 7 lanes @ 25 yard lanes.